MTV Hits is not available for DirecTV, so how do I watch it?
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I want to watch MTV Hits, but I have DirecTV. Any suggestions?

MTV Hits is not available for DirecTV, so how do I watch it?

Can I stream it from somewhere online?

FYI: MTV Hits is only music videos, something that MTV forgot about a long time ago
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Best answer: If it makes you feel any better the current "hit" they're playing is Miley Cirus. MTVu plays a little better music which probably isn't on satellite either. It is unlikely you'll see these channels streamed anywhere legally and they'd be shut down the second Viacom's legal team finds out about it.

Unless DirecTV adds these channels, you're probably SOL. The closest you'll get is Palladia which plays videos from the various MTV properties interspersed with concerts. It is part of the HD package on DirecTV.
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Best answer: You can watch mtvU here, which I also prefer over mtvHits. I too miss having these channels on my TV.
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