NYCFilter: Filled out rental application, now not so sure
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NYCFilter: Filled out rental application. Now don't want to continue process. Problem?

I'm looking for a place in NYC for the first time. I filled out a rental application this afternoon on a place. (They charged me for the application as expected.) I went back at night and now I'm not so sure; it felt a bit deserted and sketchy for me. I don't think I want to sign the lease and live there for a year. (They have not told me that they have a lease ready for me to sign yet.)

I'm planning on calling the leasing agent tomorrow and telling him I don't want to continue the process. Will this affect me negatively? What should I do?
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As long as you haven't signed a lease, you're okay. My advice is to skip brokers all together. Look for Rent by Owner, doubly so if you're not looking in Manhattan
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GilloD is correct. A rental application is NOT a lease, so you have nothing to worry about at all.
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Although this is likely obvious, you aren't going to the application fee back.
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Kiss the fee goodbye but this won't affect anything. You might unofficially be listed, unfairly or not, as "flaky" by the agent, but bah to them. There's plenty of others.
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It's no problem -- been there, done that. You won't get the application fee back, but you're under no obligation to sign a lease.
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Shopping for an apartment is like shopping for anyone else. Would you ask, "I went to the grocery store and looked at the apples. I asked someone working there for help, but then decided I didn't really want their apples anymore. Will this affect me negatively?"

You don't have any apples, but other than that, no.
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