What's this old Mac game?
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ObscureMacGameFilter: when I was in college, I spent too much time playing an old Mac game with a somewhat... unique ending. I've forgotten the title — can Mefi help? [more, including spoilers for the ending, inside]

The game had somewhat low production values. The basic premise was that you were a sprite (or something similar) inside a computer, trying to figure out something that was wrong with the computer and to fix it. To do this, you had to solve all sorts of logic puzzles, word puzzles, etc.

What I remember the most about the game, though, was the ending. You were thrown into a puzzle where things seemed to be happening without any rhyme or reason... and the only way to "solve" the puzzle was to physically reboot your computer. Does anyone out there remember this game?
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I didn't play all the way to the end, so I can't verify the ending--but it sounds like you're describing 3 In Three. The same author also created The Fool's Errand and more recently The Fool and His Money--check them out if you liked 3 in Three.
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System's Twilight
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According to the System's Twilight hints I found (that must be the right game, Johnny), you don't have to reboot but rather just quit and re-load the game. This effect is also used to great frustration in a Genesis X-Men game (you have to reset the console at the last stage!)
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Yup, System's Twilight is the one I spent too much time playing during my senior year... Thanks, everyone!
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