Why does it sound like it's blowing in the wind?
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Wind tunnel in my ears. Make it stop.

Some history - I'm 48 now and I've been an ear abuser since the first walkman came out when I was 17. I cannot run without music and I cannot live without running. Over the years, I've pushed the volume up and up and up and as a result, I definitely have some hearing loss in certain registers and definitely in crowded places. Today, my iPod gave me the most awesome selection of songs and I had a great, quick 2.5 mile run at lunchtime and I - well I pushed the volume up as high as it would go - something I've done MANY times in the past.

However, since then (and it's now been about 10 hours later) I've heard a sort of radio static sound in my ears - like there is wind rushing through them - and they hurt a little bit like they need to pop when you go up in airplane. I've tried yawning repeatedly but that doesn't help.

Have I screwed myself forever? Is there anything I can do? It's upsetting now but I've heard these things can be unfixable and a lifetime of this is sort of freaking me out. I can't believe I ruined my hearing and I wasn't even in a rock band.
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I've had a similar feeling after going to loud concerts. Usually it's totally gone after 24 hours at the most... except for the damage that will bite me in the ass when I'm 48 :(.
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Guess what, the internet can't diagnose your weird ear sounds. Go to an audiologist and figure out exactly what you've done to your hearing, maybe they will scare you enough that you stop using your sound equipment in a manner guaranteed to progressively damage your hearing.
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Does it sound like #3 in this thread?
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I posted this question. I had one ear do what you describe in early December and waited some time to see a doctor. The ear is still whooshy and often has that blocked feeling but it has not resolved.

IANAD obviously but it turns out that had I gone to the ER immediately and got some antiviral medication, my hearing might have been restored. You need to strike this kind of viral problem fast. I am not saying you have a viral infection in there (mine was painless, by the way - it's not an earache) but apparently sudden hearing loss is an emergency and you might want to think about that. Good luck.
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