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Best online videos of live musical performances?

I've been craving a good live performance, but my options are geographically limited at the moment. What are some of your favorite online videos of live musical performances? (Useful descriptors: novel, impressive, epic, spontaneous, legendary, shocking, good showmanship).

Here are some of mine, but damnit I want more (female artists especially welcome):
Tom Waits - Chocolate Jesus
Final Fantasy - Mariah Carey 'Fantasy' cover
Explosions in the Sky - The Moon Is Down

You can probably get some idea of my tastes from the above videos, but I'm also open to stuff completely different from any of the above. Thanks all!
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Sam and Dave - Hold On I'm Coming

(Doesn't really match your tastes, but it's an amazing performance. As the blog post I found out about from said, "[j]ust try to stop watching."
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Eagle Rock TV's Youtube channel has 265 videos of live performances (they make DVDs of those performances, and post a couple songs from each for promotion). While they naturally vary in quality, there are many great ones on there, including three from Queen's Montreal concert.
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Anything live by Otis Redding.

Also, some eyes may roll here, but look up Prince performing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the Traveling Wilburys at George Harrison's induction. His solo during "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" is hands down one of the best things I've seen on youtube.
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Youtube, Michael Hedges. Just sayin.
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I've been pimping Susanne Sundfør on MeFi lately -- here I go again:
The Brothel (solo)
The Brothel (w/band)
Turkish Delight
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"Passionate," not in the romantic sense, but in the sense of an intensity of feeling, describes the best of John Darnielle's live performances.

Song for an Old Friend
See America Right
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Easy to be Hard from the musical Hair
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Janelle Monae - Sincerely Jane. Great song, great vocalist, great performance. Hiphop's not ordinarily my thing, but she has it going on.
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Mostly my suggestions fall under the heading of legendary and good showmanship:

Sammy Davis, Jr. - Vehicle so so great!!!

Al Green - Jesus is Waiting Incredible!

Here a couple for legendary + epic + fucking gorgeous:
The Boys Next Door - Shivers
Bauhaus All We Ever Wanted

Rob Lowe / Lichens (He opened for explosions in the sky when I saw them in NYC) Long, but utterly hypnotic. Fantastic.

Trespassers William covers Radiohead's Videotape - beautiful...

Another gorgeous live performance by Lucy in the Sky singing "Velmi casto" So lovely...

And finally, David Allen Coe performing River at the Tennessee State Prison. Epic. If only for his amazing outfit.
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I remember watching TV on the Radio's Letterman appearance and thinking "This isn't bad," and somehow, imperceptibly, that assessment changed to open-jaw and shivers by the end.

Dave was impressed too.
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Response by poster: Beautiful. Thanks for the suggestions all. I've taken a look at a couple, but I'm going to have a youtube video MeFi VJed concert in my living room this weekend. Will report back with my findings.
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Here's that While My Guitar Gently Weeps performance - love love love Prince's scorching solo.

This version of "Your Love" featuring Ted Leo and the Pharmacists is upbeat, infectious, and rocks ultimate. The incredibly enthusiastic audience member who sings this is truly a sight to behold.
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