Who created this page?
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Is there a way to tell the individual person who created a Facebook page? (like the type you can become a fan of) The specific page in question started today and has more than 2,000 fans so far.
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Don't think so.
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Facebook knows, of course. But no, you can't find that out.
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I believe that the fans of a page are listed in the order they joined, aren't they? So if you do "see all" fans and scroll through the (long) list, you can find the first ones who joined at the end. And among them is likely to be the person who created the page.

This was true of the two pages I just examined, at any rate. Of course, it's not foolproof. But it may help you narrow things down.
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But you can create a page and not become a fan of it. So, no.
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From Facebook:
Will users be able to see that I am a Page admin and contact my personal profile?
The fans of your Pages will not be able to see or access to your perso...
The fans of your Pages will not be able to see or access to your personal profile. Any actions that you take as a Page administrator on your Page will show the Page’s name as the actor and not your personal name.

The going back to the oldest fan thing is helpful, but not foolproof, as stated above.
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