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I'm looking for suggestions for a doctor to see about removing a lipoma from my scalp in the SF Bay Area. Yelp isn't being very helpful and this probably falls under "cosmetic surgery", so who does the hivemind recommend?

I have a benign lump on my forehead that has been there since childhood, and from my brief internet searching and the opinion of my mother (who is a nurse), it's probably a lipoma. I'd like to get it removed, but I really don't know what kind of doctor I should be looking for, and whether this falls under purely cosmetic surgery. Should I be looking at dermatologists or plastic surgeons? Is there any chance that my insurance will cover any of the cost? And finally, if it doesn't, how much should I expect to pay for examination/removal?
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Best answer: My dermatologist removes sebaceous cyst (not quite what you have, but similar) for about $100 – if not covered by insurance – which includes analgesia and post-operative care. However, I ended up with two pretty visible scars after having a couple of moles on my back removed by my dermatologist. I also had surgery performed by a cosmetic surgeon to remove scars on my face, and there is absolutely no way of telling there was ever an incision there. I'd go with a cosmetic surgeon since it's on your forehead, but expect the price tag to be closer to $500.
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You want a PLASTIC SURGEON, not a dermatologist! Dermatologist are NOT surgeons, they just think they are. You are going to want it to look nice afterwards, also.

You insurance may/may not pay for it. It would depend on how it's billed.

Can't help you with the rest. Good luck.
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