Prices in Buzios?
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Food prices in Buzios?

My google-fu is failing me. Anyone been to Buzios in Brazil recently? What should we budget daily for food and drink? For example, a simple lunch and a fairly nice dinner, plus some caipirinhas and a bottle of wine?
It's our honeymoon, and we're trying to decide whether it's a better option to go with a posada in Buzios, or an all-inclusive in Porto de Galinhas. The trip would be for a week, and the all inclusive is $1000 more (total).
Anyone got any experience?
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Try here. I was there for a meeting a few years ago. I remember it being moderately expensive.
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Oops, I meant to link here, not to that particular restaurant.
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Response by poster: Thanks lukemeister, but I already check there and they only list the price for one place!
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OK, conifer ... there are four here, all about the same price.

For what it's worth, I didn't think Búzios was that great. The downtown was too touristy for my taste.

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!
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I was in Buzios in 2005. I can't really answer your question, I'm sorry but wanted to say it was the most spectacular place and I was reading "Brazil" by John Updike while there, which was really a fun beach read while there. Enjoy!
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Best answer: Buzios tends to get busier than Porto de Galinhas, and the beaches in Porto are more beautiful. The sea is also warmer in Porto de Galinhas which is awesome. They're both pretty similar cities, as far as touristy Brazilian beaches go. As for food prices, I believe you can get by very well planning on $50 per meal for two people (and I am talking about a great meal at a good restaurant including drinks - nothing fancy though).
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Have been to both, agree with falameufilho. Budgetwise there is not one that stands out. So I'd make the choice based on what you want. If you want perfect beaches, go to Porto de Galinhas. If you want more action, go to Buzios.
(If you haven't booked yet, I can surely recommend Ilha Grande, a few hours from Rio.)
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Response by poster: Thanks all. Looks like we're going to go with Porto do Galinhas.
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