What game had jack-o-lanterns and purple triangles?
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Need help identifying a computer game. [MI]

A few years ago I downloaded a dreadfully addictive little computer game. I'd like to try and find it again but I can't remember the name. Here's what I do remember:

It's a one player game. It is level based. The goal of each level is to clear the board of various symbols. I can't remember what all of the symbols were but I clearly recall jack-o-lanterns and purple triangles. There was a firing arm (for lack of a better term) at the bottom of the screen from which you shot the symbols onto the board (you moved the arm back and forth in an arc to aim). I believe you had to make rows of each symbol but I can't be sure. As each level progressed the boards got more complicated with more obstacles to placing the symbols.

I hope I've given enough detail. That's really all I can remember other than losing many, many hours to playing it.
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Could it be Snood? It's been a while since I've played it, but that's how I remember it.
posted by yankeefog at 3:29 AM on February 12, 2005

Snood! Yes, that's it! Thank you. That was driving me nuts and Googling pumpkins and triangles wasn't getting me anywhere.
posted by LeeJay at 4:14 AM on February 12, 2005

Yeah it's snood but to be clear, it's heavily based on the (much better) arcade game series "Puzzle Bobble", available at a MAME near you.
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Popcap also cloned it and called it Dynomite.
posted by O9scar at 10:07 AM on February 12, 2005

Thanks, I'll check those out.
posted by LeeJay at 10:20 AM on February 12, 2005

do not try any of these games if you need to get work done.
posted by Silky Slim at 3:58 PM on February 12, 2005

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