Plus-size tall women's jeans in NYC?
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Fashion emergency: is there anywhere in New York City I can find plus-size tall women's jeans?

Size 14 or 16, inseam 33+. I've checked at Macy's and Lane Bryant. (No skinny jeans. Please.) I don't have time to order online, as I'm about to go on vacation and need something I can hike in. Willing to try anywhere in the 5 boroughs. Under $70 would be great.
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Have you tried Old Navy? They have sizes up to 20 I think, and their jeans are cheap.
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Re/Dress in Brooklyn always has tons of denim from many different brands. They are also super helpful. If you give them a call they can probably check to see what they have in your size/length before you come out.

Another plus store to check would be Avenue. There's one over near Grand Central.
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If you are a 14 or 16 plus (and not a 14 or 16 misses) I'd call Talbots Woman and see if they have anything in stock.
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Check Old Navy although they run small you should be able to find something. Also consider H &M, I don't know what their selection is but as a 16 to 18 I can often fit into their pants. Affordable.

The Gap is about as pricey as Lane Bryant and they size a little big. I've been able to find skirts there (again, I am usually a size 16-18).

Uniqlo is also allegedly affordable but I haven't been there in person.

Try calling the other department stores, easier than showing up. Or call all of the Lane Bryants in person.

Can't guarantee that they won't be skinny. It really is the trend.
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Anne Taylor Loft has tall sizes up to 16 and some non-skinny styles.
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Thanks for your help so far!

The last time I was in Gap, Old Navy, and Ann Taylor they only had tall sizes available online, but I'm willing to check again.

Uniqlo doesn't have anything higher than a 12, and their sizes run very small.
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Old Navy rarely has tall/short in stock, but the Gap usually does. Try calling individual stores and asking what they've got in stock; if they have 'em, ask them to hold the pair for you so you can come pick them up.
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JJill has a big range of sizes including tall in several styles of jeans. There is one on Staten Island. You can always check online first to see if you like what they have before you go.
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Nthing the Old Navy/Gap. Ask for help in looking for the tall stock; sometimes (at least in my local OldNavy's) the sizes that don't sell well are high up the wall and compltely unavailable for anyone without a ladder. And I've found their sizes to run large. (I'm wearing their size 6 jeans and theres NO WAY I'm a size 6). YMMV. Heck, I'm pretty sure it varies between different pair of pants in supposedly the same size.
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Uniqlo makes nice tall jeans for both men and women, and I think their sizes go up to the 14-16 range. Might be worth a look.
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There's a Levi's store at 59th and Lex.
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LeeLee's Valise (in Carroll Gardens, I think) will almost certainly have jeans (and other clothes) that will fit you, but they tend toward the dressy, so I'm not sure whether their jeans will be appropriate for hiking, or within your budget. Call them; if they don't have what you're looking for, they may very well know where to find it.
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My mom swears by JC Penney for affordable tall misses sizes. I don't know if they have tall sizes routinely in stock in the NYC area, but I'd certainly check and see.
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New York & Company
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I was jean shopping at Old Navy a few weeks ago, and they had tons of talls. I noticed because their regular are too short for me, usually.
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I can't believe I forgot New York and Company, considering how much I owe them. They go up to a 16 or an 18 and it seems like all they ever have left are tall sizes when I go in there.
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Lord & Taylor! They have a huge plus-size department and racks and racks of jeans.
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Well, I struck out at New York and Company, and both Gap and Levi's only carry tall plus sizes online.

I knew there was a reason I hadn't bought a pair of pants anywhere but Lane Bryant for the last three or four years. (And it would have been nice if I hadn't been sent on a wild goose chase, sigh.)

Finally found a pair at JC Penney. But thanks ocherdraco and kimdog! ReDress and LeeLee's are not too convenient for me, but I definitely intend to check them out in the future.
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I'm late tot he party, glad you found something! I was also going to mention Goodwill if there was one nearby, I've had great luck finding cheap plus size jeans/shirts there.
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