How do I show someone a good time in DC on a Wednesday night?
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How do I show my friend a good time in DC? Problem: It will be on a Wednesday night (tonight, actually...)

All right, a buddy of mine from high school is catching the bus down from Philly to watch the Phillies v. Exp^H^H^H Nationals game. Where should we head after to find a good bar scene till the wee hours? Are the same places that are busy during the weekend (U St., Adams Morgan, Dupont, etc.) still busy during the week? I don't want to roll into Pharmacy Bar and have it completely dead at 11:30...

I realize we are probably going to have to cab it around since the game starts at 7PM.
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You could try the 8th street bars in SE (Ugly Mug, Lola's, Molly Malones). I live in that area and they are usually pretty crowded before and after the games because of their proximity to the stadium. The closest metro is Eastern Market, fyi.
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The Tune Inn on Capitol Hill will be open until 1 on Wednesday.
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During the week, Adams Morgan is steady, but not nearly as crowded as the weekend. Dupont does well for happy hour, but generally dies early. Granted, sadly, pretty much everything's going to die out around 11:30, although Gallery Place might be a little better after (more tourists around there). That's, unfortunately, the consequence of a mostly 9-5er city.
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I was out last night enjoying the weather and EVERY place I walked by was packed. People are taking in the first of the warm weather so I don't think that you should have much trouble finding a decent place to go.

A couple options:

Steel Panther is playing at the 9:30 Club tonight so you might have some luck with bars in the 9th, 10th, 11th/U St area. DC9 might be a good bet.

Also, U Street Music Hall just opened a couple of weeks ago. The place has been packed since they opened and there's a show tonight. Chances are good that there will be a decent crowd there.

Stoney's isn't ever empty, especially on day like this, but it doesn't exactly have a raging bar scene.

I'm guessing that any place with a decent rooftop or outdoor seating should have a good sized crowd. Marvin, The Reef, Local 16?
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U Street Music Hall is a good choice. Eighteenth Street Lounge is great on Wednesdays if you like Reagae. Actually, I will be going there tonight...
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How late will the U Street Music Hall be open tonight? If possible, we'd like to take full advantage of DC bars being open till 3AM.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far!
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The show at U Street Music Hall starts at 9 so I'm guessing it will go lateish.

I agree with Hurst on Eighteenth Street Lounge. I've been there a few times for the Wednesday night reagae show. It's fun and there's usually a crowd later at night. Word of caution: typically a cover charge after 9.
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If possible, we'd like to take full advantage of DC bars being open till 3AM.

Only open till 2 on weeknights.
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The Palace of Wonders is having a rockabilly night with live music to go along with their standard burlesque troupe action - it's tucked off in NE a ways, but always worth a visit. And there's tons of other excellent places to check out on that block as well - Little Miss Whiskeys, Red and Black, Granville Moores, etc... all within 60 seconds walk.
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A few MeFites are playing a show at 10:30 tonight at The Red & Black (right next door to the Palace of Wonders).... Not likely to be very crowded on a weeknight, but hey...

H St has some great options for nightlife, although things do tend to be a bit quiet during the week.
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U Street Music Hall was an excellent choice. I now also have a bunch of new places to check out this weekend. Awesome! Thanks, everyone!
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