You want how much for that ticket?
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How does selling tickets for $1 on Craigslist work?

I see a lot of tickets on Craigslist selling for $1. I understand this is a way to go around the scalping law...but, how? Wouldn't the cops be viewing Craigslist and order these, meet in person then arrest you? If these ads are ticket brokers...I understand, but individuals? Let me know! May be needing to unload two tickets to a sold out show...
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I was always under the assumption that the $1 pricetag was basically the craigslist equivalent of either a [more inside] placeholder for any for-sale item, or a '$CALL FOR PRICE' listing, or the 'See price by adding to cart' thing on Amazon and other online stores. It forces you to click the link in order to see the actual offer price -- or an invitation to make an offer -- instead of scanning down the listings and comparing prices in one place.
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It's an attempt to get around their rule of not listing tickets above face value. When buyers go online and see tickets listed for a premium, the item is flagged and often removed quite quickly.
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I interepreted it as $1 or best offer (OBO). I imagined sellers are trying to get the highest price for the ticket and they're starting the bidding at $1.
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When you search on Craigslist, you can search below a certain price level. By listing tickets at $1, the scalpers ensure that they are always listed in results. This way, more people find them and email/call, and they can set a price point on their own.
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I've set my price via email. Hopefully, I won't be looking at a misdemeanor!!! Thanks mefites!
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BTW, there is no such thing as THE scalping law. In many cities and states it is perfectly legal to sell tickets for more than face value. gman, I did a quick search thru Craigslist's TOS and couldn't find anything about selling tickets at more than face value (maybe I missed it).

holgate & others have it. It's a placeholder & gets the poster included in all possible results. I see it on many many items, not just tickets. Vehicles, electronics, etc. are listed for $1 all the time.
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