help me find summery clothes
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queer clothing filter: help! it's summer and i need clothing that fits.

i'm a gender queer person who wears clothes that are more on the "men's" end of the spectrum. but i don't fit into most men's clothing - shirts are too big (although i can wear zara shirts and banana republic xs). i'm looking for advice regarding stores (online or in-person) that have clothing for smaller "men" (shirts, pants, shoes). danke!

oh! and it's hot and muggy here! so that's the type of clothing that i'm looking for now, but for a business casual workplace.
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Have you tried H&M menswear? Their women's clothing runs true to size (not vanity sizes) and so the smaller sizes are quite small. From the size charts, it looks like the men's clothing comes in small sizes as well.
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I know a short (5'4"), slim (120 lbs), man who buys some of his clothes from Le Chateau. I didn't know this, but apparently some of the more urban locations have a men's section.
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You may also want to post your approximate location, so users can recommend smaller boutiques in your area.
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My petite-proportioned boyfriend finds it nearly impossible to buy clothes off the rack, but a few places he has luck are Uniqlo (if you're in NYC or outside of the USA), Ben Sherman, Urban Outfitters, and H&M occasionally (get there early before the smallest sizes sell out.)
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sorry! i'm in the dc metro area! thanks!
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I think J.Crew has a lot of "slim fit" stuff, too. They call it by various names, "city fit" or some such. Check their web site for the fit descriptions. I assume you're not expecting to get pants that fit off-the-rack -- you'll have to hem, but most stores should do that for free. Club Monaco has that petite-Euro-frame sizing like Zara and H&M, too, but they're a little more expensive. I wear their men's shirts often, although my bust fills them out quite a bit.
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H&M and Uniqlo, definitely. But also try out Top Man.

I stopped by in there recently to help my bro shop, and they definitely had a lot of items that I think you could work with. In fact, while I was in there I definitely saw some ladies shopping there (they kinda fit the whole fashionably androgynous, gamine Agyness Deyn type of look though, so YMMV if you're going for something more masculine than that).

However, the place does sell slim/smaller fit, so if you do order from there I'd just make sure to double-check measurements if the site provides any (on preview, if you're in DC hop on a Bolt Bus and make a weekend trip of it to NYC if you want to try out stuff in person), because fit also seemed to depend on what you're buying. A medium shirt was slightly too big on my bro, but a jacket required a medium. For reference, size small sports jackets from Uniqlo or medium shirts from AA are slightly too big for him. Small fits slightly better for the latter, but not entirely.
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How small are you? Boys' clothes may work and they're cheaper.
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H&M. Their large size is too small for me, and I usually wear a medium-large from other stores. I'd guess their small size is REALLY small.
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Queer girl who likes dude clothes here. I've had luck at American Apparel lately because they started stocking men's extra small sizes in button up shirts. Long sleeve and short sleeve styles. Work appropriate and kinda hip. Work it!
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J. Crew extra small shirts might work

H&M - small shirts are pretty slim, though possibly too long

Urban Outfitters will have a ton of extra small stuff -- maybe even on sale! Check the sale racks at the Georgetown location regularly. The chinatown location is a little less impressive and the Tyson's Corner one is even worse.

Forever 21 - yes they have a men's section. Dirt cheap.

American Apparel

I'm a pretty solid extra small, and I found Uniqlo to be a little disappointing. Their XS stuff seemed to run a little larger than J Crew, though it was styled similarly and was WAY cheaper. Frankly it's not worth a special trip up to NYC.
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thank you for all of the suggestions that have come so far. and yes, lamplighter, sometimes shirts fit well (i can easily fit an xs on top) but are too long and narrow when it comes to meeting the hips (which can sometimes lead to psuedo.dorky tucking-in-age of shirts).
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Boys section?

(And yeah fer the genderqueers of metafilter!)
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Slim fit men's shirts that fit you in the shoulders and chest are likely to be too small in the hips and waist, depending on your body shape. Boys' shirts might be a better place to start, but you'll get less variety.

You could try getting shirts tailored. Find some that fit you pretty well, then go from there. If you get well-made shirts in classic (i.e., not going to go out of fashion in a year) styles, the higher initial expense is more likely to be worth it.

There is such a thing as 'man-tailored' women's clothing, but ironically I find those items read as extra-girly on most women who wear them.
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seconding american apparel. They are cut slim, and have lots of basic styles in men's and women's.
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I'm just stopping in to say YAY for the self outing of all the GQ folks of late. woot.
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I feel your pain. I've had luck in the H&M boys section & Ben Sherman (the latter is expensive though).
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All of these suggestions are great. But you should really listen to expialidocious. Get your shirts tailored. It adds about $7-10 to the cost of a shirt, depending on where you live, cities more expensive than country.

Warning: after you have your clothes tailored, even once, you will never want to wear anything off the rack again. One the plus side, you will look/feel fucking awesome every time you wear a shirt that was customized to YOUR BODY.

I've met some fit models, the body...erm...person brands craft their clothes around, and believe me, our bodies aren't like theirs.

Know you said you wanted stores...but had to pile on.
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Where do you get clothes tailored?
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Yes, I would also be thrilled to find out about a decent, reasonable tailor in or around DC. The places I've checked charge $15 for hemming pants and way, way more for anything other than that.
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i've only been here for 6 months or so and i don't have a good tailor (my dry cleaning place also charges me for "women's blouses" when i bring in my "men's shirts" but i'm generally too tired at the end of my day to argue. i'd love leads on good tailors in dc. i had an awesome tailor in san francisco who was super open and caring.
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