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A resource/marketplace to find/shop for facebook application programmers:

I have an idea for a facebook application which I'd like to explore, but lack the programing knowhow to implement it solely myself.

-Where is a good marketplace to shop for programmers that specialize in facebook apps?

-How can one verse oneself in the going rate and experience level based upon a resume (e.g. 5 years of Java programming is impressive or rudimentary) ?

And finally, how can I protect my idea when discussing it in a negotiation phase with potential programmers?

Previously helpful resources include this, but I'm always looking for a more tailored response.

Many thanks,
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Ideas aren't worth a thing. Your idea is almost certainly not original. Facebook apps are easy to implement - anyone with web development experience (server-side, that is) can learn to produce one pretty quickly. I'd recommend learning this yourself if you've done any programming in the past, or just going on rent-a-coder.

Remember that facebook itself was founded by Zuckerberg after he split with the people who hired him to implement their own site.

Keep expectations low.
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The site guru.com has usually met my (relatively unsophisticated) programming needs: iphone apps, javascript projects etc. I haven't asked for a facebook app, but I guess there are people there who could run you one up.
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