Can anyone recommend a good decaf full-leaf Earl Gray?
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TeaFilter: I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but I rather enjoy a good cup of tea. And, I often take a travel mug of Earl Grey with me to work each morning. However, I don't always want the caffeine, and so I've been trying to find a good full-leaf Earl Grey. I buy my non-decaffeinated Earl Gray from The Republic of Tea but it seems that they only sell decaf Earl Grey in tea bags (which just wouldn't be my cup of tea, so to speak). Can anyone recommend a good decaf full-leaf Earl Gray? I live in Texas but I'd prefer to buy it mail-order as that would save me a trip to the store. And, cost is not of primary concern to me.
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You can decaffeinate tea by steeping for 20-30 seconds, tossing the water and re-steeping.
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Adagio's decaf Earl Gray is pretty good.
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Here are some links describing the home decaf process.

And a second for Adagio, though I haven't tried their decaf.
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The decaf Earl Grey from Upton Tea is great. My wife lived on the stuff when she was pregnant.
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I was just re-reading my tea question from a long time ago (checking off helpful answers, ya know) and there's a lot of good store recommendations. Have a look. I still tend to buy from either Adagio or Rishi.
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also, I have found that the stuff from Stash Tea is good too, and the do flavored / aromatic teas very very well.

You might try theirs. Double Bergamot? Hmmm.... Maybe I'll get some too.
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I buy organic, full-leaf Earl Grey (with more than the usual amt of bergamot) by the lb from Tea Cozy, a few blocks from my office here in Sacramento. I'm sure they'd ship to you. Small family owned business, fantastic teas, excellent prices. Their page seems to be down, but here's the google local result. I buy a lot of tea, mostly various Japanese greens and EG and Oolong, and this place is now my #1 supplier. I need to cut back though.
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i third trying adagio's decaf earl grey.

while i haven't tried it, their assam melody is my current addiction.
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Yeah, Adagio's looks awfully tempting -- now if only I could actually buy it :-/. (Every is currently "unavailable".)
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Again, a recommendation for Adagio. I don't drink decaf, but my husband enjoys the decaf earl grey.

Heather is right. The assam melody is the greatest. I switch between tins of that and irish breakfast as my "main" tea.

Also, you will be thrilled with their customer service. I love them.
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I haven't tried Adagio, but I really like Stash Tea for mailorder tea. They have a pretty big decaf selection, I'm sure you can find something you like in there. :)
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In fact, would you say it isn't your bag?

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