The best air-conditioner
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How do I find the best air conditioner?

I hate summer. January is my favorite month. It hit 80 here last week and I'm already miserable. I would like to replace my dying useless air-conditioner with something more along the lines of the ancient wall-mounted behemoth that came with my apartment when I lived in the American south, an industrial relic entirely unlike the cheap plastic disposable air conditioners that are all I can find now and which was able to cool my apartment in ten minutes flat without noticeably exerting itself.

However, I have no idea where to find such a thing, or what to look for in a window air conditioner beyond BTU numbers. Are there brands I should be looking at? Are there commercial products that are more reliable and repairable than what is sold at Sears?
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you're looking for a window unit air conditioner? do you have a 208V/230V socket near by? (seems a lot of the bigger ones require more voltage - the big 25000BTU things Lowes and Home Depot sells are all 20-amp 230v service. smaller ones tend to be 110V and 20A or less. 208/230V sockets are physically different than a 110V one - you can't swap them.)
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Response by poster: I don't have the higher-voltage sockets. However, I don't think I need 25000BTU — I am thinking more like 10000-15000BTU.
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