Help me untangle some medieval script!
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Caption on a quirky German or Dutch woodblock print of a cat-- I'm unable to pick apart this script, can you help?

This is a late medieval woodblock print from Germany:

It's very appealing, with a smiling tiger cat holding a mouse, and a kitten behind him with some kitchen towels and a hanging fish(?). You can click the magnifying glass for full size. I can read the fourth word in as "kattzen" but I am quite unsure about the rest. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Response by poster:
This is the correct link missing above.
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huet dich vor den katzen – die vorn lecken unde hinden kratzen.
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Cite: here. What you call kitchen towels are surely sausages.
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Response by poster: Ah, thank you! I think that solves it.
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What's the translation?
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According to the Flickr page it's: "Beware the cats - in front they lick, behind they scratch."
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yeah it's warning against cats who are double-crossing two-faced person here : )
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literal translation:

huet dich vor den Katzen is literally 'protect/shield yourself from cats' although watch out or beware works just as well, I suppose!
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I'd have to look, but there's probably something on this theme in Malcom Jones' The Secret Middle Ages. Lots of translation of obscure medieval symbolism. It's probably the most scholarly reference on medieval dirty jokes I own.

Caution - link to really pricey hard cover version.
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