Position: Relative: Disaster
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CSS Filter: I've implemented a couple CSS image position properties on my new site design using "position:relative." My problem is that somehow the images I've added, with links, have disabled all links to to the right of the image. Is there any way to fix this? (link to page inside)

This problem doesn't appear to exist if I use any of the other position classes (fixed, static, etc.), but I do need to use this class.

The site is using Wordpress and the Thesis theme.

Here's my site for reference - the two items using the CSS image position properties are the dude in the top hat and site name.
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I don't have time to look into the code right now, but this happens because "position:relative" things "float" on top of non relative things. It's as if they have a higher z-index. One way around is to give the container for the links a "position:relative" too, and maybe even a higher z-index if needed.
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(It also sounds like the div or container for the image is becoming larger than needed. If you gave it explicit width and size to just hold the image and not stretch over your links, that'd work too I bet).
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Sadly, I need these images to have a higher z index. And I did specify image size... but not div size, which I'll try next. Thanks for the response!
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use the position:relative on the img tag itself, no need for a div. otherwise use a span, since divs expand to width. i'm assuming that the position:relative div contains only the image and not the links.
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Solved! Thanks rhizome! (changed to a span)
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