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Pornography for a straight female who has been afraid thus far to go looking. Masturbating women of MeFi, I need your advice!

I'm finally breaking free of my conservative Christian upbringing and I've decided I want some porn.

There, I said it. Whew!

A year ago I bought myself a vibrator and taught myself to orgasm (wooo!), but all this time I haven't had the courage to go out and look for pornography myself. Women of MeFi, help me find some great stuff!

I've already done a little bit of looking, but mostly for erotica. I was somewhat successful, but a number of the sites I found had either long-form stories (not helpful when in need of a quick fix) or short stories geared towards men. As for videos and images, I haven't yet looked. I was kind of hoping I could find somewhere that sorted by category (taste? preference? sexual act?). Do these exist? At the moment I have really specific (yet vanilla, and hopefully easy to find) tastes.

Suggestions? Recommendations?

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If you like real lesbian, queer, and transgender porn, try the Crash Pad series.

My wife is pretty picky about her porn but she liked it.

Good luck!
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Skinvideo is 14.95 a month, has a huge selection of movies and they are well-sorted into categories. It has become my go-to site for porn, I like it a hell of a lot better than most of the free ones like redtube, pornotube, etc.
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Candida Royalle has been working to make a niche in visual porn for straight women with vanilla tastes. Her videos, from what I've read about them, sound like they'd be a visual hardcore version of standard trashy escapist romance novels. Might be worth considering. Tristan Taormino's Chemistry series and the Crash Pad series as mentioned above tend to be highly regarded as porn women can relate to, that isn't all straight-guy's-desires-focused. But on the other hand, also as mentioned above, it's not at all straight-only, so YMMV.

Susie Bright, Carol Queen, and other famous porn-lovin' feminists have edited erotic short story comps, so you might want to go that route too. Check out the book sections of places like Babes in Toyland and Blowfish for some ideas and directions to go in to find more, maybe?

It's been AGES ago so I may be way outdated and can't vouch anymore if these sites even still exist as I remember them, but Scarlet Letters and Clean Sheets both used to be pretty classy on the online written story end of things. Literotica can be quite useful as mentioned above, but my gosh do you have to do a ton of sifting.
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First off, always view porn with NoScript and AdBlock, only selectively enabling scripts that you actually need, otherwise a fairly high percentage of ads will try to do bad things to your computer.

Keez is OK for run-of-the-mill porn. No registration, no hoops, totally free. It is sorted by category. The only problems I have are with normal porn in general--the guys are ugly, the sounds are hilariously distracting (I mute), and a lot of it is just weird. But there is definitely a lot there so you can probably find something. And video porn is a lot easier to fast forward to the bit that gets you off, as compared to lit porn.
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My Secret Garden, Forbidden Flowers, and Women on Top, by Nancy Friday.

Also, check out the Kristen Collection on www.asstr.org.
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lustylibrary has some nice erotica, interesting forums, and a lively chat room.

Redtube has free porn videos of varying lengths. It's like the youtube of porn.

And, if you're into this kind of stuff - understories has hard-core BDSM porn stories (not erotica!) and links to other such sites.

Anyway, those are my sites of preference.
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Seconding Crash Pad Series or anything else by Pink & White.
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Ever watch a TV series in which two characters had unresolved sexual tension and you really wish they would hook up? Google [Character A]/[Character B] NC-17 fanfic and you will find some hot stories. :)
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Good stories at www.erotica-readers.com.
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IANAW, but http://www.abbywinters.com and the sub-sites are produced by all-women crews, with very natural looking women, and have come recommended by women.

IMO, they can sometimes cater a bit much to those heterosexual males who prefer natural looking women.
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Hey there! I sell adult film for a living, so here's some info I've gathered from many women over the years. It's a bit heavy on the DVD content, but most of it can be found online. Also, none of these links are going to be terribly SFW.

Candida Royale is good, but it can be a little old fashioned and soft touch. Very touchy feely. Andrew Blake is good too, though a bit more artsy fartsy. Both are good if you want to start out as gentle as possible.

Digital Playground's Celeste captures are a sort of pretty cheesecake sort of thing, and have been very popular with my regulars.

Abby Winters is an Australian amateur site that emphasises realistic bodies and realistic experiences. They tend to be very comfortable, with very few plastic bodies. If you find super skinny girls with lots of surgery off putting, this is a good place to go.

Parody stuff can be fun, too. Hustler does a series parodying The Brady Bunch, Cosby Show, Three's Company, the Munsters, Happy Days - that kind of thing. They can be a lot of fun to watch even if the sex is not your cup of tea. The casting agent really pulled out the stops to find people who match the originals.

Fleshbot is a pretty good resource for familiarising yourself with how porn works without actually having to watch a lot of porn. They do the site in a few "flavours", too, and often have clips or short previews for free.

I'll finish by saying that everyone's tastes are different, and not to be discouraged if you don't find what you actually like the first few times. It can take a while to work out what you like watching, and it's not always going to be the same as what you like doing. Porn is a huge genre with a ridiculously broad range of activity with a broad range of performers. Just take your time with it.

Also, be frank with yourself about what you're enjoying. Plenty of ladies enjoy the really full on wham-bam-thank-you-maam kind of thing. Some ladies love watching all-male porn filmed for gay guys. Others only like watching straight up missionary stuff. Plenty of straight girls like all girl movies the best. Don't be shy about giving everything a try.
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ravenous romance has explicit stuff, although i think it's heavily weighted towards stories with, you know, plot. if science fiction or fantasy with queer and/or kinky sex rocks your world, circlet press has your number; they also have plot, but often have very smoking sex, and they publish a lot of short stories.

xhamster has a wide variety of porn clips.

there's a bunch of text porn for free on the net -- i'm at work at the moment, so i can't do too much random browsing, but i can do more hunting from home.

I was going to talk about how you like what you like, and sometimes it has nothing to do with what you like to do or what equipment you have (or that you like your lovers to have), but Jilder beat me to it.
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This might seem an odd suggestion, but the first two Belle De Jour books have some good descriptions of sex (the anal and golden shower scenes stick in mind) with a narrative that might ease you in to reading erotica if you're nervous. If you're unfamiliar with them/her, it's first person woman's perspective and in diary format which makes it easy to read in chunks.

I hear Black Lace novels are aimed mostly at women - not sure how easy to find they are outside the UK, but they carried them at train station bookshops and my local library so you may be able to hunt one down. If they're anything like the crappy erotic novels I came across in my teens (i wish I remembered the title because they were BAD), you should be able to flick through to the action easy enough.

Also, if you are in the UK or near a big bookstore, Scarlet magazine carries an erotic story each month and it's very much aimed at women. It's possibly the only women's magazine that told me something I didn't know about sex!
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Www.89.com is short clips sorted by type of porn. Great for quick fixes since it's always the good part! It goes from very vanilla to kinda freaky for when you get the courage to deviate from the norm. The best advice I can give you is to always remember that just because it seems strange or out there to you doesn't mean you won't like it, or that something is wrong with you if you do. Never hurts to watch!
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Quality varies wildly, but here are a story few archive sites:
Alt.sex.stories archive, the nifty bunkhouse gay story archive, mind control stories archive, (if that's your kink).
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If rich indexing by tag is what ye seek, ye might try xnxx.com.
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Derail here...
But I just wanted to chime in to say that Candida Royale is such a weird name for a porn star. I mean, she probably wanted a fancy name for Candy or something, but Candida is also a fungus.

Anyways anon, good luck with your search; I hope you find some nice sites that suit your tastes!
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