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After buying Office 2007 (Standard) on my Vista system, I can no longer change file associations. I migrated from a mixture of Office 2000 Professional and Windows office XP. When I go to the file association dialog box, it recommends odd programs, and no Office 2007 options, hence nothing opens in the new format. It won't change even if I point to the correct .exe file in Office 12 folder. The menu doesn't even offer any Word 2007 options. HELP! Nothing on the web or on the Microdouche website.

When receiving files in email, they cannot open and offer to find the correct programs but do not offer Office 2007 ones either. I am registry edit friendly, but need guidance to change the entries. I can right-click the file I wish to open, and point to the correct executable but it still will not use it or offer it in the options, even the extended 'recommended' ones. I've dld. the service packs and help files, still nothing.
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These guys can solve just about any Windows problem.

(I'm not offering, because I'm still on XP and have no experience at all with Vista.)
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If that happened to me, my troubleshooting steps would be (1) loud and furious swearing (don't skip that step, it's vital) (2) reinstalling Office 2007 and if still no result (3) working out the right command line to bring up the preferred-app dialog box for any given file type and running that from a cmd window started using Run As Administrator.
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Have you tried Add/Remove programs, Microsoft Office 2007 -> Change -> Repair?

Also, have the older versions of Office been uninstalled?
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Best answer: The file types association dialog is severely broken in both vista and 7. With XP you could still fix things if you knew what you were doing. FileTypesMan helps to rectify this problem a little bit. With this tool you can control many aspects of file types associations.
I haven't tried this, but maybe it's good enough for you: Just execute excel and powerpoint with the command line switch /regserver to reassociate file types. For winword this command line switch is supposed to be /r. Here's a proper description how to do it.
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If you're using the procedure that mmkhd linked in Windows Vista or Windows 7, you probably want to issue those commands from a cmd shell you've started with Run As Administrator rather than trying to type them into the no-longer-present Start->Run box.

If you haven't done that dance before: Start -> Programs -> Accessories, then right-click Command Prompt, choose Run As Administrator.
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Response by poster: RESOLVED! mmkhd FileTypesMan worked. Most excellent, thank you all for your help. :-)
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