Workout music has been covered aplenty on this site. But what about inspiring music videos to workout to?
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So when working out on a cross-trainer like this I usually watch some of my favorite TV shows on my Ipod Touch. Yeah, I know, gotta update to a bigger better stronger device soon ;-) To get me pumped up a little more or to make it through the last gruelling climb, I regularly switch to music videos. And now I wanted to query the hive mind for some fresh suggestions. For more see some examples below.

My favorite music videos to work out to either have a very driving beat and/or some beautiful people dancing to it. I might add I am an heterosexual male, so I kinda appreciate girls dancing - that drives me harder to work out proper...

Though I do not object to attractive males moving either - that's kinda the carrot dangling in front of me: here's the physical fitness I wanna achieve.

To sum it up: I'm looking for music videos that do not only SOUND upbeat, but also have something visually driving, motivating, appealing...

Here are some of my personal favorites so far in no particular order (and I dearly hope these links all work for you):

Mason VS Princess Superstar - Perfect

Boogie Pimps - Sunny

Lifelike Gotta Move (West Side video Mix)

John Travolta & Jamie Lee Curtis vs Eric Prydz

Alibi vs Rockefeller Sexual Healing

Chromeo - "Night By Night" - gets me started every time!

Global Deejays - What a Feeling

Fred Astaire + Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

and while we're on it:

Michael Jackson-- Smooth Criminal (DJ Tronic Mashup)

Freemasons "Rain Down Love"

Freemasons ft. Amanda Wilson - Love on my Mind

No Doubt vs Shapeshifters - Hello Lola

Fedde Le Grand vs. Pharrell (DJ Lobsterdust mashup)

The Third Degree - Mercy - dang thaz funky

and last but not least - if nothing else works

W.A.S.P. Animal (Fuck Like A Beast) - tell me this does not wanna make you sweat!

so yes, we got lots of girls dancing... I apologize, but please bear in mind: this is me sweating, panting, higher brain functions completely switched off. in this state I respond to stuff that my intellectual side would normally object to.

and really, anything goes: old, new, electronic, mashups, hard rock - yes please, bring it on, keep me moving!
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Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. Female and male versions.
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