Colors Washed Out in Photoshop
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When I open a photo in Photoshop Elements 7 the colors are washed out compared to when I open the same photo in either Irfranview or Picassa 3. Why is that?
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Color mode? Check that you're in RGB and not CMYK.
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Photoshop Elements does not have CMYK if I remember right. But check if you hav the ability to manipulate color profiles. Elements may be set to use a different color profile.
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Nthing color profile or check Image > Mode (hopefully it's the same in Elements as it is the full version) to see if anything looks amiss there.
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The image probably has a colour profile embedded. Irfanview ignores it per default, Photoshop doesn't.

If you want similar displays either remove the profile or tell Irfanview to use it. No idea whether Picasa can do that, too. In any case the photo will still look very different on different screens from different angles, so I tend to usually just give up on colour management.
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