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Has Rockin' Robin (not necessarily Michael Jackson's performance) been sampled in any songs, hip-hop or any other genre?

No, Andy's a capella performance on The Office doesn't count.
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Best answer: I didn't see anything listed at either the-breaks nor whosampled, but you can't prove a negative, y'know?

Has any version of 'Rockin' Robin' been sampled by anybody, anywhere, ever? I'm guessing yes.
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A capella version here in barbershopesque quartet. There's also a women's barbershop arrangement that I can't find a link to. And here's the muppets.
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Not a sample, but another cover version -- new wave band Ebn Ozn (minor hit: AEIOY sometimes Y) did a version of it on their one album, Feeling Cavalier. 1983, I think. Unfortunately can't find a link to the track anywhere.
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Isn't there an annoying song played at dances/wedding receptions that switches back and forth from Rockin Robin to Twist with some Hawaii 5-0 theme thrown in? I don't know how to google that to find it. It has a lot of "She rocks in the treehouse, all day long" in it.
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Lots of Youtube results for "Rockin' Robin remix."
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A version showed up on the American "The Office". It was an acapalla remix created and used as a ringtone by the Andy character. A sample can be found here
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Doh, didn't read enough of the question.
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