How can I organize my life with a mac.
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I have little pieces of paper everywhere with thoughts/quotes/ideas. I have word documents with checklists, lessons learned, more thoughts, more quotes. Whats the best free software to make all of this organized and search-able? (tag's are great!)

I have tried Evernote. Its close to what I'm looking for but the printing options are limiting (ie, one note to a page, cant just print everything under a tag or subject), plus I can't use the desktop version on osx tiger so I'm worried about not really being able to back things up. I know similar questions have been asked before, but whats new and improved?
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Google Documents!
It's searchable, free, accessible from anywhere, and tag-able. you can do spreadsheets, documents, etc.
I love it, it has saved many trees.
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I've used Evernote for free, and it's got a nice iPhone app to boot.
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Evernote is designed just for this.
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For bigger projects, I like DEVONthink Pro to collect and organize the miscellany of information I end up acquiring. It's not free, but I found it so useful I bought it even over the availability of free options (e.g. Evernote).

For smaller notes, Notational Velocity is great–easy to use, awesome incremental search. This one is open-source.
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Notational Velocity + SimpleNote on the iPhone

The synchronisation between the two is brilliant. I moved primarily because I can't stand the Evernote iPhone app.
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I like OneNote for this.
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Try a desktop wiki software (google for free desktop wiki) or tiddlywiki?
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I'm thirding Evernote; I have the iPhone version as well and have found that it's finally enabled me to have some more of the PDA-like qualities that I was missing since my old Palm Pilot bit the dust.

I use it to keep track of a multitude of tid-bits of information, selections from webpages, PDFs, images, shopping lists, to do lists, etc.

I can access Evernote from my laptop, from the web, or from my iPhone and they all synchronize together -- so pretty well anywhere... And best of all, they have a free version, and you can upgrade if you need more room.

One trick I learned for the iPhone version; make sure to "star" or "favourite" your notes, so that you can access them offline at anytime. This is great if you are in an area of little to no cell coverage, or if you don't want to use your data plan to access your info all the time. It's a little known feature that most people pay premium to have access to "off-line" access.
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Possibly OMNIFocus?
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