Seeking Brooklyn Heights Tech Help for Small Network at Non-Profit
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I need suggestions for a computer networking/troubleshooting/general I.T. specialist (either a consultant or a company) for a small nonprofit in Brooklyn. [m.i.]

A few months ago, my organization relocated from a symbiotic NYC office space that offered free I.T. support as part of the lease, into a private space in Brooklyn. We no longer have I.T. backing, and we’re basically floating on naive optimism until a major catastrophe strikes.

When we moved into the new space, we were recommended a company based out of NJ, and used them to set-up our network. Proceeding, two incompetent fools spent 8 hours tweaking our computers and setting-up email, which was rife with errors, odd settings, and incomplete testing. Months later, there are still minor problems (didn’t network our printers properly, passwords reset and lock us out, etc…), so I’m unwilling to go back to them.

So, basically I’m looking for recommendations for a private consultant or company that could be contacted for networking, troubleshooting, and general computer maintenance. We are a very small organization, with three full-time users on four PC computers, two scanners, and two printers, all located in Brooklyn Heights. We don’t need anything fancy or complex: we only need upgrades, flawless networking, troubleshooting, etc.

Depending on what they offer, we would possibly start a contract, or simply use them on necessity’s basis. I hate to assert that cost is indeed an issue, but we are a non-profit organization with no extra funds, so the situation is more viable if we can reserve our spending.

I’ve tried the yellow pages, but it’s a quagmire of information. If anyone has any suggestions or has had any luck with someone they are currently using, I’d be most appreciative for a recommendation.
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Hi, naxosaxur. I have a friend who runs a company that does this sort of thing. It is a very small company, maybe four people, and you will get very close, hands on help. He services all five boroughs and works mostly on small networks in doctor's offices, hospitals and small businesses. If you would like his phone number, please email me at:

tjeaton AT gmail DOT com
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email peter at

honest, trustworthy, and will take the time to explain everything to you rather than just bill you for stuff you don't need.
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