Is it called Funky House?
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What do you call the sub-genre of House music that has funky, syncopated bass lines over a four on the floor beat?

I'm also interested in said genre's musical antecedents and the most awesome examples of funky bass dropping like "what, dance motherfucker."

I know very little about the various sub-genres of techno, and started thinking about this after listening to the bass drop back in after the bridge on One More Time over and over (and over) while walking to work. It was raining sideways and my boots were soaked, yet I was compelled to laugh and smile the whole miserable time.

I was listening to Daft Punk because of this Kesha thread, esp. Empath's comments about European dance-pop and electro seeping into and currently dominating the current sound of contemporary American Pop R+B, which I find fascinating.
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You're describing progressive house, I think.
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Although I know the sound you're referring to (and have no idea what it's called), it's worth noting that very few artists take their inspiration as directly. from 1960s funk as Daft Punk do.

They're pretty much a class act.
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Best answer: That used to be called "French House" or 'filter house' (notice the filter effects on the samples through the song).

Now it's just 'funky house' or maybe just 'house'.

You'd also like Cassius, Stardust, Thomas Bangalter, Modjo, Armand Van Helden, Pete Heller, etc...
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And no, definitely NOT progressive house, totally different sound.
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Best answer: A lot of house genres have funky bass lines - funky house is one. Like empath said, Daft Punk is normally classified as french house, sometimes called filter house. The major difference is that funky house has a more natural sound where french house is more artificial--lots of filter, phaser, vocoder and reverb effects and unmistakable, exaggerated use of sampled sounds and loops from old disco and funk records.

French House was coined in the late 90s and it's evolved into electro/nu disco since then, and influenced lots of current dance artists: Justice, Soulwax, Digitalism, Simian Mobile Disco, Kavinsky, SebastiAn, Data, The Twelves, Danger on labels Ed Banger, Ekleroshock, Kitsuné. The Daft Punk-Ke$ha connection is pretty direct: Daft Punk released a remix album of Human After All with remixes by several artists who are on Ed Banger Records, Busy P's (Daft Punk's ex-manager) label. Uffie is also signed to Ed Banger, and Ke$ha ripped off Uffie.
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I agree with Mike's recommendations 100%, that's definitely the modern version of that style.

Digitalism and Kavinksy especially.

Also: Fred Falke, Alan Braxe, Kris Menace

If you listen to Kissy Sell-Out's show on Radio 1, you'll get a lot of this style of dance music (although not exclusively that style for sure). Pete Tong, as well.

Most DJs don't play filter house exclusively now, you'll usually get that style mixed up with booty music like kuduro or baltimore club, or what's called 'fidget house' or 'bassline house' or mixed up with 'electrohouse' (like Eric Prydz), depending on the local scene...
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empath and AlsoMike's answers are excellent, and their much more completist than the "It's called French House" that I was going to write.

Just wanted to add that the "Paris is Sleeping Respect is Burning" compilations are a good starting point for finding new artists in this genre. That's how I found out about the bass drop at 1:28 of We In Music's Penthouse, which is a great moment in music history.
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Best answer: Best Bass Drop in History
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Response by poster: These are great answers. I'm excited about the filter house thing, which may not be what I was asking about but seems sounds great.
lots of filter, phaser, vocoder and reverb effects and unmistakable, exaggerated use of sampled sounds and loops from old disco and funk records. - fuck yes.

I'll have to wait until I get to a proper stereo to report back.
Oh, those bass drops are indeed Epic Moments.
Why have I ignored this music for so long?
It hits a lot of the them pleasure zones as some of my favorites:
the young gods
psykik tv
the fall

I cannot get off work soon enough.
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