bland clips about school?
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I need to find TV and movie clips depicting conversations about school. They must be intelligible out of context, and appropriate for 12 year olds. Either show or episode recommendations would be great.

The speakers can be students, teachers, or administrators. Sample topics are scheduling conflicts, unavoidable absences, unavailable resources, student elections, financial difficulties, or study group conflicts. Or they can just be about class, homework, or tests. I will make 1-3 minute clips.

However, they need to be age appropriate. Any innuendo about sex, drugs, or cheating is out. And joke-filled conversations probably won't be easily understood by my foreign students. I don't really watch any TV shows about high school or college, so I don't know where to start. "Greek" has been somewhat helpful, but the ratio of school to partying is frustratingly low.

Thanks! This is to improve the listening and speaking skills of my EFL students as they study for the TOEFL. If you're a TOEFL teacher and want a link to my website (where I'll upload all the completed mp3s), PM me.
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some of the stuff with the geeks in "freaks and geeks"?
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"... appropriate for 12 year olds. ..."

All generally "G" rated US TV series:
Saved By The Bell
Gilmore Girls (lots of content in seasons 1-3 happens in or around fictional Chilton private high school)
Gossip Girl
Friday Night Lights
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A little dated by now, but there might be some bland-enough content in Degrassi Junior High. (I have no idea if the newer versions are any good; I watched the originals as a kid in and for school. You might want to skip the sex/pregnancy/etc episodes though!)
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Response by poster: thanks so far, i'll check these out. to clarify, while high school is ok, university-themed content is far preferable.
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There are some scenes in Legally Blonde, both at the beginning when she's in college studying for the LSAT, and then of course when she's in law school trying to become a good student. You may have to select clips carefully to avoid the innuendo, but I can think of at least a few conversations that would probably work.
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