Wake up call service with advanced features?
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Are there any automated wake-up call services that include options such as reading a summary of the latest news, weather, etc? Alternatively, is there any way to schedule a Skype call without the computer actually being on?

I've looked at many of the online wake-up call services, but none of them seem to do the daily news thing... Any advice?
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Mr. Wakeup does news, though I cannot vouch for its quality. I used it a couple of times ages ago and it did call as promised.

There's always setting the clock radio to a all-news station too, or timing it so it goes off during a news summary, usually scheduled at certain times every hour.

Finally, another solution would be to build a script that places a google voice call to TellMe for you. You'd still have to specifically ask it for "News" and "Top Stories," but you could get news, weather, and more easily enough if you're awake enough to ask it for the sections that you want. You would need some sort of running computer or server someplace that would run the script however.
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There is a service called JaJah which allows you schedule VoIP calls (no computer being on). It is actually pretty cool stuff.
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I used to love Mr. Wakeup / iPing. I used it about 10 years ago or so, and I can't believe it still exists.

It used to call me with Tom Green jokes. Wow that was long ago.
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