Avoiding the 5 Grains at a British Pub
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Kosher for passover at a pub?

Tonight I'll be going out with friends at Lucky Baldwins. I would like to avoid eating chametz, which means skipping all the great beers they have on tap there. I want to avoid things made from the five grains, but am not too concerned with abiding by a specific rabbinic authority or super-specific Ashkenazi interpretation. I also do not care about things derived from corn or kitniyot.

Basically I think think this limits me to moonshine, potato vodka, and wine.

What does the hivemind recommend I drink?
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Cider, perhaps?
posted by grouse at 4:38 PM on April 2, 2010

Brandy, sherry, port.
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That Blackthorne Cider is just apples! No grains there. Also, any brandy or grappa would work as those also come from fruits.
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If you don't require a hechsher (certification), rum is usually just made from sugar cane and tequila from agave. I would avoid dark versions of either though, since they may have color and/or flavoring added (spiced rum, etc.).
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I too am breaking the Sabbath but keeping the Passover at a British pub this evening! Cider &/or wine for me. Have fun!
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Gin and tonic! And I'm another one who's on cider :)
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Great list of options, guys. I think Tequila and/or Rum is the answer here. Cider had not even occurred to me, and I will have to try that as well. Instead of a quiet night of red wine and an early morning tomorrow, I think I may be looking at a monster hangover tomorrow.
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Gin has some issues, but these problems may involve a level of strictness beyond what you are concerned with.
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