How do I schedule webcam recordings? (like a dvr)
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How do I schedule automated webcam recordings on Windows? I have a laptop at the back of a classroom, and I want to be able to record classes by setting up a schedule beforehand. How can I do, essentially, a DVR for webcam recordings?

The laptop is running Windows Vista (but XP and 7 are options). The webcam is a normal logitech. I currently manually start & stop recordings remotely, but that only works when I have access to a computer at class start / stop times.

I want software that I can input a schedule to, and it'll start & stop webcam recordings automatically. I want output as a normal movie file (avi, etc). I don't need streaming or anything fancy. Just start & stop recording.

Is there any software like this? The only I've found that claims webcam & scheduling (the two things I need) is ChillCam (, and that thing is awful & didn't work with my webcam. Any others out there?
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Here's a list of free DVR software for PC, meant for use with a TV tuner but most also support capture from webcam:
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Have you looked into the legalities of recording the students in the classroom?
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Thanks for that link! A few of those programs promise scheduled recording, but I'm having trouble getting them to work... they seem old, bad UI, and really buggy. I'll keep trying.

I am a student in this classroom, and have permission from the speakers & students to record, so it's not an issue in this specific situation. Thanks anyway.

Still looking for a good piece of software..
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