How many cameramen at an NHL game?
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I love to watch hockey at home, and I've always wondered - how many videocameras do they have running at your average NHL hockey game? How many are manned? Are some automatic? Do they have one guy just manning the net camera? Would they need 2 - one for each goalie? It seems they have a lot of cameramen - some to follow the play, others to follow any fights. I would love some answers from someone who is in a position to know. Thanks!
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It depends on the network(s) working the game, but off the top of my head you've got something like this:

The master camera, with another next to it for a tighter shot of the same thing.
Cameras in at least 2 corners, if not all four.
Cameras over each net for judging goals.

Sometimes you get one between the benches, and a small camera in each penalty box. There's also sometimes a camera behind each goal mounted above the glass, plus one in each net, and another mounted above the glass at the timekeeper's bench.

The one's in / above nets and timekeeper are remote, the corners are handheld by the operators, and the master cameras are tripod mounted with an operator manning each.

So that's potentially something like 16 cameras. Plus, the master and corner positions will often have separate cameras from each network, so that brings the rough count to 22.

That's for the NHL.

For the AHL, say 4-10, depending on if the game is televised or not. Even when they're not, the games are shot for league use and use in-building on the scoreboard screens.

For the CHL (WHL), I've generally seen 4 cameras working the game, again depending on the audience.
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Amazing. Thanks!
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It's pretty crazy when you actually stop to add it all up. I wonder how the numbers compare for other pro sports.
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