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Where in Toronto can I watch Lost?

I'm being shipped to Toronto right when my 6 year dedication to figuring out what it all means is coming to an end. And while I know that it's probably on tv up there OR I can watch on Hulu the next day, I really want to find a place to watch it with other people. Surely this must be happening all over, right? Are there any Torontans (?) who can help me find a weekly Lost party?
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You won't be able to watch it on Hulu in Toronto. Hulu is region-blocked.
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You won't be able to watch it on Hulu in Toronto. Hulu is region-blocked.

Doesn't matter. Just grab a LOST rss feed from ezrss.it and paste that into Miro as a channel and you will automatically get every new episode, commercial-free, and in HD.

But this doesn't answer your question though. Watching LOST with a bunch of people is fun. A local bar here does LOST night complete with a Dharma menu including Dharma drinks (black smoke, Jack's an asshole etc.). I hope someone can help you find such a place in Toronto.
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You can watch full eps on ctv.ca if you can't find a Lost viewing party. But I figure you'll be meeting people when you're in T.O. right? i.e. through work or whatever it is you're doing here. I'm sure Lost will come up in the conversation and you can ask whomever you're working with if they know of people who watch it and who would welcome fellow viewers. I don't know if there will be more public viewing parties for the final ep, but if you can't find weekly viewing parties before you get here, watch on ctv.ca, and ask around for series finale viewing parties.

FYI, it's Torontonians. (I hope that didn't sound snarky, not my intent!)
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I'm a little crushed about the Hulu thing. And no, telling me its Torontonians isn't snarky. Its just one of the many things I'll have to learn in Canadia. Its so close to the US yet I'm already feeling culture shocked.
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You're feeling culture shocked already? Really? In what way? I mean yes, Canadia and the US are very different places but English is spoken in both places (cue "aboot" jokes. And I actually CAN hear the differences in how "about" is pronounced!) at least. Maybe you'll have to get used to the paper money and the loonies and toonies (one dollar and two-dollar coins) and the craptacular Toronto transit system (which everyone loves to hate, and I'm still fond of it btw!), but other than that? I don't think an American would have to go through a HUGE adjustment if they moved here. But maybe that's just me! :)
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special-k, could you better explain that Miro process? When I follow your rss feed link, all it does is take me to a page of torrent files, which is how I currently watch Lost (with Utorrent and VLC). How does RSS and Miro play into it?
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special-k, could you better explain that Miro process?

First go to ezrss.it
Then search for the show that you want.
In the results page will be a bunch of links to individual episodes but ignore those.
Right click on the link that says Search-based RSS Feed and copy the link location (screenshot)
Then open up Miro, click Sidebar, then Add Feed (screenshot)
Once you click ok, it will appear on the left under Feeds.
That's it!

You can right-click the name of that feed and change it to something meaningful (it just uses the URL by default).
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You could try posting to craigslist Toronto (the community section). Not sure how high traffic it is, though. There's also Yelp Toronto. People seem to ask about weekly Lost events on Yelp pretty often (in other cities). You can also keep an eye the #LostTO twitter tag thing.

Finale parties will probably be easier to find leads to. (e.g., 1 2 3)
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YSSTOG: Sorry, Miro essentially does what you are already doing. It's just a lot cleaner, and easier to do.
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thanks for all the links sentient - I'll keep an eye on those.

And foxjacket, I was kidding about the culture shock, maybe its more preeminent home sickness for Brooklyn.
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Thanks, special-k.
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If you want to get around (some) region restrictions for official sites like NBC, Comedy Central, etc you can use the Modify Headers plugin for Firefox. This works for most network sites but not, unfortunately, Hulu.

Don't bother with official Canadian tv sites - Rogers offers one for subscribers, and the Comedy Network has shows for free online, but the quality is generally worse than YouTube, and much, much worse than the torrent. Hooray for Canadian protectionism, saving us from the tyranny of Netflix and Hulu!
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And just FYI, any basic cable package you get in Toronto will include an ABC affiliate (with Rogers it's the one from Buffalo) that shows LOST.

The last couple months have been good to Canadian LOST fans - we've been getting the shows two hours earlier than American fans because of the various Olympic events being televised.
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