How does German immigration work?
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Has my German employer handled all the immigration stuff correctly?

I'm an American who recently took a visiting position with a university in Germany. I was aware that German consulates abroad never issue visas for work or residence, merely entrance visas, and that a visa waiver suffices for entrance with the intent to work, so I'm now here in Germany. I'm not completely sure however that all the various tasks have been handled correctly, well let's just say the staff does not inspire complete confidence.

We now have signed letter or employment, contract, social insurance, and we'll soon submit a form for the Landsamt. I think however there are other things that still must be done for the work and residence permits. In particular, I have been visiting faculty at a German university once before many years ago. At that time, there was some agency that took my passport and printed the work visa in it, probably the Auslandsamt, Ausländerbehörde, or something.

How can I make sure everything has been handled correctly? Who took my passport to print the visa before?
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When I worked in Germany a while ago, I had to go to a specific government office (I forget which exactly, sorry, but I believe it is the same office where you go to register yourself as an alien) accompanied by an HR rep, where there was a short-ish interview with some government officials.

Then they printed out an "aufenthaltstitel" on a passport page, valid for 3 months or so.

This is all pretty vague and from my recollections, so maybe you get better answers later. Hope this helps tho!
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I'd ask this question on a Germany-oriented forum like Expatica or Toytown. I can't answer the question myself, never having lived in Germany, but I can tell you that immigration matters throughout the EU have been changing rapidly in recent years, becoming more streamlined, so it wouldn't surprise me if the process is different to what it was on your last visit. Again, though, asking on one of the above websites will give you heaps of information and recent experiences.
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