Where can I get garden supplies in the city?
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Where do I get cheap supplies (soil, rocks, hay) for a backyard garden in Brooklyn?

I've got a concrete backyard here in Brooklyn that I'm building planters for. Once I'm done, I'll need rocks and soil for the planters, plus hay for another project I've got going on. I don't have a car, so where/how can I get these materials the cheapest?

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I would rent a car or small van/truck for the afternoon and go to a garden center or a Home Depot kind of place. How on earth could you buy a large quantity of soil and rocks and be able to carry it home? Even smallish planters take quite a bit of soil to fill and it will be very heavy.

FYI you want some kind of potting mix -- NOT topsoil. Topsoil is ok to add to existing soil, but is way too dense and heavy to simply fill a planter with. The plant roots need something lighter than that.
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Get a rolling cart and go to the bedstuy or south slope Home Depot via subway? They probably sell the carts there...
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Best answer: Build containers out of any old junk, pretty much, you can probably trash-pick everything you need. Get your seeds and transplants via free and cheap means.

For hay, are any of the neighborhoods doing street festivals and using hay as barriers?

But for potting mixture, it takes a lot to fill containers, it's not cheap, and the easiest way to be successful is to not scrimp on this. You can recycle a lot of it after this year, though, so that you only need to turn the mix and top off your containers next year.
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I hope the hay is not for your garden- it's full of seeds, so unless you're planning to grow your own, keep it away from your soil.

For hay, are any of the neighborhoods doing street festivals and using hay as barriers?

That would be straw. It is cheaper than hay, not being used for animal fodder, but for bedding. Straw is what you want for any gardening purposes.
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