Maximizing Broadband
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I just recently signed up for a 3 months broadband trial and was wondering what online resources I could access to get the best value out of it. I am looking forward to the great choice of Radio Stations and archived programmes, but what other value could I get from it to make it worthwhile. I dont have a television and would like to get max entertainment value from it as well as anything else you think worthwhile.
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Check out filesharing applications. Download stuff you need while you have a fast connection. I use emule to download rare files. Bittorrent is good for popular files.
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Porn downloads in seconds.
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Online multiplayer games are a hoot. My favorite (and has been for a couple of years now) is Battlefield 1942.
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Maybe check out GreenCine's Video on Demand Service.
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My license fee put to good use.
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Thanks so far guys. I appreciate that the question is a bit too general, but there you go.
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The Daily Show, where far too many people get there news.

Also, New York Public Radio is fantastic, particularly in the morning and early afternoon (EST).
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For me the biggest advantage to broadband was being able to use the internet with such a small cost of time and effort -- just walk over to the computer and look up every single thing I'm curious about. Google, IMDB, whatever. If you're curious about what something looks like, you can do a google images search and look at tons of matches in a short amount of time. You get the idea.

Of course, this is why it can be such a time-waster. :)
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I think you're looking for this - how to watch popular tv shows via Bit Torrent and RSS. Works for me, whenever my ReplayTV misses an episode of 24 or Lost for some reason, I just download it.
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