Ou est L'histoire de le chiffonnier?
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London had its mudlarks, toshers, & grubbers. What other (non-British) examples of historical urban scavengers are there?

Did such semi-formalized occupations exist in, say, Paris, Berlin, Rome? What were they called and what might there exist in regards to literature describing them, their occupation, and any peculiarities regarding their locales?
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Well, it's not "urban" necessarily, but wreckers (people who scavenge shipwrecks, sometimes by purposefully causing them) have a long and storied history in various parts of the world.
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Gleaners were more urban than you'd think.
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Would so-called "mole people" qualify under your definition?
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Freegans? They scavenge dumpsters, mostly.
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The Gleaners & I by Agnes Varda is an excellent documentary on the subject.
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Applicable Italian terms might be straccivendoli, or patarini (although the latter is also used to describe a high medieval religious reforming movement (the name being used by those who sought to denigrate the reformers as mere 'ragpickers')).
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Gomi is Japanese for rubbish. It also can describe art created from rubbish. I would guess that there is a specific name for a gomi artist/scavenger in that language.
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Cartoneros (link is in Spanish) collect cardboard and other recyclables from the streets of Buenos Aires every night.

More info here.
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Also a couple of NYT articles on garbage scavengers, one in the Phillipines, and one in China. I realize these are contemporary, rather than historical, examples, but I hope they are still helpful.
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