What are Personality Comics like?
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What are Personality Comics like?
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Personality Comics were released in the wake of the success of Revolutionary Comics, a publisher that released unauthorized biographies of bands like Guns and Rose and New Kids on the Block.

I don't have any in front of me, but I remember them being extremely low quality comics published on a shoestring to try to cash in on the fad. They were black and white on cheap newsprint and the art was drawn by cartoonists who weren't very experienced or good.
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This long blog entry at the San Diego Reader pretty much corroborates that. They were low quality [look at that cover art!] and just sort of geared towards making a buck. From that link: "...a slew of cheesy and downright sh-tty “biographical” comics flooded the market from competitors. Boneyard, Rock Fantasy, Personality (AKA Friendly, Celebrity and later Pop, but a turd by any other name still smells like sh-t)" They folded in 1993.
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From the covers, I thought they might be enjoyably bad. But it sounds like they're just bad.

Thank you for the answers.
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If you want to read one, here's a self link to Patrick Swayze's Personality Comics Biography.
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(I liked it.)
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The Swayze comic is indeed poorly drawn, but to my surprise it's rather well laid out.
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