Was it a Stepford Alex?
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Who were those unexplained people on Jeopardy tonight?

I tuned in late so maybe it was explained at the beginning. During the show tonight, a strange unexplained host replaced Alex a couple of times. Right at the end another guy turned up for just a few seconds. Did this have something to do with April Fools Day? What was going on?
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It was an April Fools joke. When they introduced Alex, Pat Sajak came out. At some point Neil Patrick Harris was announcing, and then some guy who I didn't recognize. At the end they had Will Ferrel doing his Trebeck impersonation from SNL.
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Pat Sajak, Neil Patrick Harris, Jeff Probst, and Will Ferrell, and no, it had nothing to do with April Fool's Day.
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....and no, it had nothing to do with April Fool's Day.

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Fun, you can watch it on YouTube here.
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It was for April Fool's, yes. Why else would it have been done?
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This is not the first time Alex has fooled Metafilter.
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Hmm. I was listening to it while making dinner and I thought I heard some odd voices. I'll have to watch that Youtube link later.

Also Lake Shasta is not in the Sierra Nevada but in the Cascades.
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