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Public shredder in NYC / pay per use shredder?

Is there a pay per use shredder like THIS something similar in NYC?

My shredder broke and I don't feel like buying a new one (may also be moving abroad soon).
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I don't know of any self-service ones, but most of the postal-style service centers, UPS Store and the like, as well as office supply chains (Office Depot and Staples) that I went to while visiting Manhattan and nearby areas a while back had shred options; they weigh it and charge you by the weight.
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FYI - a USB shredder can be had on E-Bay for 10 bucks.
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How much do you need to shred? I used Code Shred to pick up and destroy roughly the equivalent of a banker's box. They were great, and reasonable.
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NYC free shredding day!
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