Finding 80s late-night movies
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I'm trying to identify a cheesy movie from the 1980s -- one of the sort that ran on HBO at 1:00 AM on a Friday night.

In the 1980s and early 90s, HBO, Showtime and Cinemax would run low-rent, goofy "guy-flicks" in the wee weekend hours -- stuff that would make Porky's look like Citizen Kane.

I've become a little nostalgic for these goofy comedies -- they're actually a lot of kitschy fun, if you go back and watch them now. There's one in particular I cannot identify despite a ton of Googling.

This is what I remember: The plot had to do with a couple of nerdy guys trying to get laid, possibly at spring break (gee, how novel). The movie was broken up by periodic dream sequences, as each of the males fantasized about being successful with the ladies. In one, the nerdy guy (maybe named Everett?) imagined girls lining up in a classroom, taking their shirts off, and asking him for help with their homework. In another, the fat guy was a Roman emperor, gorging himself on both food and females.

Any ideas what this movie was called?

Furthermore -- I'm guessing many of the MeFi males between the ages of 40 and 30 have fond memories of these flicks as well. Anybody have their own favorites?
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Perhaps The Last American Virgin? Was there a jock, a fat guy, and a virgin?
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The Sure Thing?
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It's been a million years, but is it the Party Animal?
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I remember staying up late to watch these. Well, these and about 30 other things. Maybe I should have played sports. I did some digging and came up with..

I watched H.O.T.S., Malibu Express, Hardbodies, and The Tutor every time they were on. God, I miss Cinemax.
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In my book, Porky's was Citizen Kane. If you want an education about just how awesome teen sex comedies of the 80s could be, start with Spring Break and go from there. (In all seriousness, I watched every single one of these back in the day, and it gave me an appreciation for just how good movies like Valley Girl and Fast Times at Ridgemont High actually were.)
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Maybe Senior Week?
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I'm ashamed I know this, but it sounds very much like the Lemon Popsicle series of movies.
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There you go! Thanks alyxstarr, that'd been annoying me for a while.
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