Help me spend my money on funky Detroit design stuff
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What are the best design/home furnishing stores in Detroit (or Windsor, ON) to blow a couple bucks and waste a day?

I'm spending a day in Detroit (and a bit of time in Windsor, ON), and I have a new home that needs one of everything. Can you point me in the direction of cool design stores or home furnishing stores that have unique stuff (ie: not a Sears-type place). Are there any neighborhoods in Detroit that I should wander around to get my design fix?

If it helps, I'm a fan of modern and danish design, all things Eames, and what you'd expect from a Dwell reader. However, I love things with an outdoorsy feel, antique pieces, and even uber-modern stuff. Am looking to buy anything from trinkets to items that can sit beside me on a train ride home.

I have also found this link to DesignSponge which is a good start, but I'm hoping for specific recommendations.

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The "lighting boutique" is one place that I remember having some really nifty lighting-boutique-y stuff re; Windsor.
Never "shopped" there personally, but went in with a friend several times. (though 'lighting' may be bigger than could travel by train, and that would be about 4 years ago. Website seems to still be well maintained.)
Via memory, they had a pretty wide selection of styles. I cannot vouch for how much of a day is worth spending there.
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You may want to check out home furniture in belle river they have some nice things. belle river is about 15 mins outside of windsor
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