Funnel Charts for Excel 2007?
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Where can I download more attractive funnel chart templates for Excel 2007?

Similar to the funnel charts shown in the below images, where can I find similar funnel chart templates for microsoft excel 2007:

Funnel Chart Example 1

Funnel Chart Example 2

Funnel Chart Example 3

Thanks in advance MeFi's!!!

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The bottom one isn't to scale, while the 2nd example appears to be. But the first example...can't really tell.

Are you looking for something that needs to be made to scale, or is freeform OK?
posted by circular at 6:39 PM on April 1, 2010

Freeform is ok.

It does not need to be to scale, just visually appealing.

My goal is to track the amount of resumes we review for each open job position in our company (top/fat ring of the funnel), then slowly taper in to the number of people we interview (middle/medium part of the funnel), how many come in for interviews and then show the one individual we actually hire (the exit/bottom/spout/skinniest part of the funnel).

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