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What's the best option for me to ship a document to Colorado from Toronto that has to arrive by Monday?

It has to be a hardcopy, and it won't be ready to send until tomorrow (which happens to be the Good Friday holiday here). Which courier would be my best option?
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Try these guys:, but they sound like they might be expensive. I don't know if you can access USPS from Toronto.
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oi I didn't realize you were in Canada. Sorry. Just checking UPS - it's not an option. the quickest it can get from them is tuesday
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Best answer: If an original signature or letterhead isn't required, you could also have the local FedEx Office (formerly Kinko's) print, bind and deliver it. Call the specific location to find out their timing requirements and get their direct e-mail address instead of uploading via the web site. On several occasions, when I knew the document wouldn't be ready until the last minute and it had to be on letterhead, I have shipped the paper our ahead of time and then emailed them the file later for them to print onto my stock.
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Amended to add that the approach I outline above is often less expensive than overnight delivery, especially if you were going to pay to have the document printed/bound anyway. I have also authorized them to use a local courier to deliver the package and then add the fee (plus tip) to my bill. They will send you a receipt via e-mail. AFAIK, they've never screwed up a time-sensitive delivery (unlike FedEx overnight service, where mechanical and weather issues have resulted in heartache several times); in my line of work, deadlines are iron-clad.

Um... I'm pretty good at improvising around my procrastination issues.
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FedEx does pick up on Saturday for delivery to the States on Monday.
Depending on the size of the document and the time of delivery, it will cost at least $40 CAD, but you can always ask them.
You can find your nearest dropoff location here.
If you really, really want to make sure the document gets out, drop it off at their location at Pearson International Airport (1450 Caterpillar Rd, Mississauga). There's a farking cargo plane sticking out of the back of that building.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone.
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