Do shoes usually stretch out?
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This is probably a waste of a question, but will my shoes stretch out? These are the shoes.

I don't have much experience with shoes I guess. Usually I buy nice loose shoes. However this is my first time buying off the internet, couldn't try them on, blah blah and I really don't want to go through the hassle and expense of exchanging them.

There's still room up top for my toes, like there's a quarter inch of space between the toe and the top of the shoe.

The problem is that they just feel tight on my foot.. like not really in the toes just everywhere else.

It's uncomfortable for like two minutes then I get used to it and forget about it but still I would rather have shoes that are always comfortable if I'm spending that much on them.

So, if I wear them around for a bit will they stretch out to always being comfortable? Or should I just return them and get a size bigger? These are already a size bigger than I normally get because that's what the website suggested I get. They are pretty comfortable to walk around in but still my foot feels mildly constricted. Thanks.
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Ask the manufacturer.
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You could also take them to a shoe repair place and ask them if they can stretch those particular shoes. My people have wide feet and have relied upon such practices in the past.
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I have a pair of the Terra Plana Dharmas. They were tight in the same way that you describe. Plenty of room on the top and sides of my toes, but tighter going back on my foot, around the arch, side, top and heel. They have stretched out nicely over the three months I've owned them and are now just right. If you want them comfy sooner than later, do what mandymanwasregistered suggested.
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What are they made out of? (I looked at the product page, but didn't see the materials. Maybe I am blind/unobservant.)

Natural materials are more likely to stretch a bit with wear. They do look like the kind of shoes that will loosen up with a little bit of breaking-in. Also, make sure you loosen up the laces along the entire length of the lace-holes if you haven't already.
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Shoe repair places can sometimes stretch them for you, with some fancy machine. That's the way to go if you want to skip the month or two of breaking them in.
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Hey, I have some of those shoes! Or ones very similar men's shoes by Terra Plana. I also have some leather ones. In both cases, I ended up taking the insoles out, which gave me plenty of room. Both pairs also stretched out over time.
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They might stretch out on your own, but you can also speed up the process by putting a bag of water inside them, then sticking them in the freezer. As the water freezes into ice, it will expand and stretch the shoes out.
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On their own, rather...
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I bought some shoes kind of like this on ebay (size 13) and they were so tight I thought they'd be worthless. I wore them a few days and they are my favorites now. They've definitely stretched.
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You could try soaking them in warm water, then wearing them around the house for a while.
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Yes! I bought some Clark Vivos from Terra Plana -- Dharmas I think -- and they were very tight when I got them. Dejected, I put them aside to return them. A few months later. I pulled them out and put them on, determined to force them to fit my feet. And they did after a day or so of mild but annoying tight-shoe pain. I wore them for about three hours at a time for four or five times over three days.

Now they fit like a glove and I love them! (love. them!) Don't give up on your Vivo's!

(Note: After I washed them, I had to redo the stretching period. But it didn't last as long as the first time.
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Okay thanks guys, I guess I'll wear them out tonight! I can't wait! I've wanted these shoes for a while and I was a little disappointed they were so tight but now I know it'll all work out. :)
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