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Recommend some two-piece music groups (guitar + drums preferred). Examples: The Black Keys, The White Stripes, An Horse, etc... Goal is to find songs to cover with only 2 people.

A buddy and I are thinking of doing some open-mic-night covers at a local tavern. Just two of us (me on guitar/vox, him on drums), so I'd like to find some stuff we could cover without totally rearranging for a two-piece. We already do some Black Keys & White Stripes stuff - stuff in this style would be ideal.

Bonus points for stuff from bigger bands that could easily be converted to 2-piece, or stuff that you've covered well this way.

Will consider whatever, but indie/blues-rock/alt stuff is probably preferred. Acoustic isn't out of the question, but we're not doing a Dashboard Confessional set or anything =)

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The wiki page on Rock Music Duos may be helpful.
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Hall and Oates?
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The Kills.
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The Like Young
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Local H is a two man rock band.
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I love me some Wheepies.
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The first time I saw Melissa Ferrick she was accompanied only by a drummer.

Orbital is two guys. So is Leftfield. Guitar covers of their tracks would be funny.
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Death From Above 1979.
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They Might Be Giants started out as a two-man band, but they also relied heavily on drum machines in those days.
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If you two are both insanely good, you could try to cover some Hella.
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Less recognizable, but tres fun: Ruins.
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The Spinanes were a two-piece with guitar & drum.
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Blood Red Shoes is an alt-rock guitar and drum duo.
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The Beatles - "Yer Blues" or "Helter Skelter"

Spoon - "Believing Is Art"

Jet - "Are You Gonna Be My Girl"

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Shame and Fortune"

Hot Hot Heat - "No Not Now" or "Talk to Me, Dance with Me"

None of these are just two people, but they wouldn't require much rearranging.
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Marine girls.
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It's all about Local H.
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Flat Duo Jets
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The Black Diamond Heavies
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What you want is House of Freaks. I saw them live once (opened up for Midnight Oil back in the early 90s) and I'll never forget that show. Went out and bought the album the very next day.
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De straaljagers
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The Evens (Iam MacKaye's new-ish band) is a two-piece.

Having been in a duo band (guitar/drum), I can say that Social Distortion translates well. Their bassist wasn't that great anyway.
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While not exactly ROCK, maybe, before their success gussied up all their arrangements in the studio, the Carpenters performed as a drums/keyboards duo.
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No Age
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I love The Pack A.D.. Just guitar and a drum and they fit perfectly into my grooveshark shuffle with White Stripes and Black Keys.
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Turin Brakes
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Two Gallants
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Buzz Deluxe!
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Lightning Bolt

Warning: may be difficult to cover.
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The Great Big Mulp beat me in mentioning Lightning Bolt. They are drums and bass guitar. And yeah, good luck covering any of their songs (Gibson uses a non-standard tuning for his bass, the drumming is pretty crazy, and the lyrics are usually unintelligible).
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dexter & sara romweber as the dex romweber duo, dex with flat duo jets; bob log iii's old band doo rag; usa is a monster, the moaners, d.q.e., mommy & daddy; ... if i think of more after work, i'll add them.

have fun!
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Mates of State!
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Wye Oak. They did an NPR Tiny Desk Concert recently that I can't stop watching, here.
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Thanks for the tips so far, I'll try to mark some of these.

Any specific song suggestions at this point? Small-time/local two-man band suggestions, while appreciated, are hard to translate into good cover songs without knowing their library.
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The Ting Tings
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Crazy side story: I was listening to Y-Rock on my phone (Internet radio) during my lunch break today and heard this REALLY familiar 90s rock song that I used to LOVE (chorus: "and you don't just get it, keep it copasetic...") but I never knew what it was called. Then I get back and check this thread, see the Local H suggestion, check their Wiki page for their most popular singles, and listen to "Bound For the Floor" to see what it's like. WHADDYA KNOW.

Frikkin crazy coincidence....

(Oh, and I WILL play this song :))
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The Vacant Lots might do- kind of a weird bluesy Velvet Underground feel. "Days Upon the Mountain" and "Let Me Out" might be nice covers, "Let Me Out" in particular if you're looking for something down-tempo to fill out your set.
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Kings of Convenience and Turin Breaks. Both are two man guitar bands. They're both acoustic, though, so some rearranging might be in order.
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Y-Rock? Philly area? The Gay Blades play bars there sometimes. Catchy tunes, I especially like Hey She Say.
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@WeekendJen - I'm not in/around/from Philly, no (Dayton, OH) - I just tune into to Y-rock online sometimes since my favorite, formerly local 'net station (WOXY) recently went off the air :(
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The Dresden Dolls (piano + drums)
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The Helio Sequence
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In the raw-as-hell blues genre, there's Elmo Williams and Hezekiah Early. Then there's my two-man band (guitar and walking drums): Medicine Bone.
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