What is the best business card scanner for Mac OS X?
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What is the best business card scanner for Mac OS X?

I don't need the latest model - low price is also a highly desirable feature. Ideally the scanner can scan both sides of the card in one pass and save both sides in one entry. It should also accept cards with reverse print (light letters on a dark background).
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I use a scansnap, works great.
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Are you after a purpose-built card-only scanner or are you open to a general-purpose scanner, with good card handling? If general purpose, ditto on the scansnap. I recently bought an S1500M based on a previous scanner discussion here and while it was expensive and overkill for what you are looking for, it surprised me with how excellent it was. It came with Cardiris software which worked well when I tried it. Haven't tried a reverse print card, however, so no personal experience with that aspect.
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Fujitsu has now come out with the ScanSnap S300M, an outstanding compact and portable device. Price was $250 at Amazon. Also comes with Cardiris, though I have not used it.
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I've heard nothing but good things about NeatDesk for Mac—It has slots for business cards, receipts, and larger paperwork, and automatically organizes it all in the NeatWorks software. I haven't had a chance to use NeatWorks, however, so I can't vouch for that. I'm a die-hard DEVONthink guy. NeatDesk is $399.

They also make a cheaper model called NeatReceipts, for $199.95. I would assume that it can handle business cards too, but a lot of times I get myself into trouble when I make assumptions.
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