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What should I know about the legality of sending a USB mixtape across international borders? Will sending 20 great songs to a dear friend get me or them in trouble? Can I do anything else to cover my ass? Assume both origin and destination are developed, non-US countries.
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I wouldn't worry about it. Of all the contraband going through the post, a mix tape worth of music isn't really a priority for customs officials.
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Don't sweat it. Really.

Mix away.
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First, I don't know of any Western country that actively investigates criminal copyright on random stuff. Usually, they wait for a complaint from the copyright holder. They might bust a large scale DVD-printing operation, if they're being too blatant.

Second, assuming you're not sending it to some censor-happy dictatorship, nobody at customs is going to read the USB drive. So, even if they were interested in piracy, they won't know about it.

Third, if you're really that paranoid, just encrypt it. This is one of those very few situations where a self-decrypting archive might be the right answer (they're normally not a good idea at all).
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Zip it, encrypt it. Problem solved.
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Yeah, crypto is the answer here. Although you almost certainly don't have to worry about it.
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Given that, in the times I participated in MefiSwap, where CDs full of songs, clearly labeled with what songs they contained, were sent around the world with no reported problems, I think you're fine.
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If you send it to Russia, it will probably be confiscated. All flash drives I've sent to and from Russia have been either stolen or confiscated (impossible to tell). None contained anything more than mp3 or pictures.
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Depends on the country. You will never get busted for copyright infringement, but your package might mysteriously disappear as some postal workers will take anything that appears valuable.
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Send it UPS or FedEx, as people have mentioned. Government-controlled mail will get stolen.
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Are you asking whether it is legal to republish someone else's work, or what the chances are you will be caught?
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