Narita to Shimbashi Station, After 10pm?
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Tokyo Travel: I am arriving at Narita at 9:30pm Saturday night, with reservations at a hotel near Shimbashi Station that evening. Is this trip possible?

First of all, I've never been to Tokyo before.

It seems that most if not all of the rail options end at 10pm, and the airport limousine bus (by far the most preferable option) ends at around 5pm. So I guess this is a two- part question:

1. Do you think it's possible to get through immigration at Narita and buy a ticket for the last Skyliner departure (apparently 10.02pm)? I am coming from Hong Kong and will not have checked baggage.

2. Barring that, what are the tried and true methods of getting from Narita to the Shimbashi area -- without a taxi -- after 10pm?

I feel like there's a solution right under my nose, but I'm a bit daunted by the websites. Any further transportation advice for Tokyo proper is also appreciated. (I'll be staying in Shinjuku Sunday and Monday.) Thanks!
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Best answer: The airport limousine departs from Terminal 2 at 22:15 & 23:00 so you can catch that. Check here. You'll need to take the train a couple of stops to Shimbash on the Yamanote Line when you get to Tokyo Station.

I definitely recommend the airport limousine for Tokyo first timers - the view is great going over Rainbow Bridge into the city.

The alternative is an ordinary JR train direct to Shimbashi. The express services might be finished, but you can always get a slower train into the city until midnight or so. Not much of a view though.

The Skyliner & the keisei line, BTW, doesn't go to Shimbashi, it goes to Ueno, which means you'd have to take the JR Yamanote Line when you get to Ueno. Not so convenient for you, and you'll need to buy a extra 130 yen ticket.

In short: Take the bus.
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Best answer: Immigration lines can take quite a while. If there are a lot of non-Japanese with you on the flight, the lines will be crowded. Walk as quickly as you can to immigration, and try to beat the rush (at least the one getting off your plane). I'd take the bus, and I'd aim for the 23:00 bus that dydecker points out. 22:15 is cutting it kind of close.

Checking Jorudan, (Narita Airport Kokunai-Shimbashi) there is a Keisei train (to Ueno) at 22:43, but it seems JR service is finished until the following morning. Good luck. Hope you make it to your hotel.
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Response by poster: Woah, how did I miss the timetable that dydecker linked? The one I found for airport limobus had the last departure at 5pm. Good stuff, thanks.
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Response by poster: Ah, I see, becuase I only looked for limobus to my particular hotel. Didn't even think about taking it somewhere more central.
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I arrived on a Friday afternoon in Narita and it took me less than an hour but it felt like FOREVER but I'm pretty sure that was because I was insane amounts of pain.

I think this is imminently doable, but if you miss the transport you're screwed into paying tons for a taxi.

You can always contact the hotel and explain that your flight arrives late and that you may arrive after midnight but that you will be there. I've never had a problem with a hotel when I advise them of this possibility in advance. Even arriving as late as 4am at the Intercontinental in Chicago.
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