What to photograph in North Carolina this weekend?
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I am looking for interesting places to photograph in the Durham, North Carolina area. I'm into old architecture, specifically places where I might be able to ask people to pose. (I prefer pictures with people and go around Toronto asking people's permission). I have a car and be there from Friday noon to until Sunday evening. Thanks!
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The round houses are pretty cool. They're not really in a pedestrian area so I don't know if you'd find willing models.
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Well, you might like the Duke campus. Much of it is 70+ years old, though the style is Gothic.

There are some great old tobacco mills as well. Try Brightleaf Square and environs.
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I'm also willing to travel a bit outside of the city if there is stuff to see or do on Saturday? Are there any events / places that capture the flavor of the place?

I'm definitely checking out the Duke campus.
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Bouncing off bluedaisy's comment, Durham's Tobacco Architecture:

An important part of Durham's commercial architectural heritage is the unique red brick construction used in tobacco warehouses and factories at the turn of the last century. Featuring rows of chimneys, decorative bands of brickwork, and stepped facades pierced by large windows, these buildings are monuments to the mason's art. Downtown Durham is ringed by these flamboyantly decorated buildings.
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You could go to the Occoneechee Speedway, which is one of NASCAR's first tracks that's now partly overgrown with trees. It also adjacent to Ayr Mount , a historic mansion run by Preservation North Carolina. Depending on your timing, there will likely be people, interesting buildings/structures of different kinds, and nature next to the Eno that could be good backdrops.
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This is a couple of hours afield, but you could also go to Tryon Palace, which is the site of the first governor's mansion in North Carolina. It's a bit of a drive from where you're planning to be, but I always liked New Bern and I used to live down the street from this place. As a bonus, the restaurants that are about two blocks down the street in the downtown area are (I feel) pretty amazing--glad to give recommendations. As an added bonus, there are a bunch of affordable bed and breakfast-type places very nearby. They usually have some people dressed up in colonial attire around the palace who you can take pictures with. Even though the house tour is overpriced, it looks like you can get in the gardens this weekend for free on Sunday.

No, I don't work for the city.
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