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How do you reread comics that are part of a large shared universe?

I typically put my comics in boxes alphabetically by series, but this can make it hard to go back and read interconnecting storylines. Thinking, for example, about Brian Michael Bendis's corner of the Marvel Universe, New Avengers ties into Civil War, spins off into Mighty Avengers, comes back together in Secret Invasion, leading to Dark Reign, spawning Dark Avengers. It's very hard to reread the books in the same order they were released in and revisit all the connections the different books have. I haven't been able to find a good website that lists comics with their release dates (though some do at least put things in order).

Thinking about DC, The Sinestro Corps. War books (Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps.) had numbers on their covers with part 2, part 3, etc., but Blackest Night books don't have them.

Has anyone else grappled with this problem, or found a good site that keeps track of these things?
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Wikipedia is a great resource for this. For example:

Blackest Night
Dark Reign
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Speaking as a DC nerd, I reference Mike's Amazing World of DC Comics for all my timeline needs.

I believe he is slowly putting together a Marvel equivalent also.
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Yeah, seconding Wikipedia.

Also, for books that still print dates on their covers (as the GL family does), it can help organize what to read when. With Marvel's recent "Siege" crossover, each months issue of the main book has a color bar on its cover that's shared with all of the tie-in titles, which also helps.
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Nthing wikipedia. Also, at the start of an event look out for the checklists that the company releases with a list of all the event-related titles.
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Beyond wikipedia, I like to follow daily scans. It's a fan community, with all that entails, but it's a good way to keep up on what's going on in general.
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Wikipedia doesn't often give discrete ship dates (and really would probably be too much data for it to be providing).
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Although actually, I found the Grand Comics Database:
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This question has prompted me to try and rediscover the Marvel site I used to use for this purpose and now I can't find it. Grr.

If you happen to turn up anything comprehensive for Marvel, please let me know!
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